B.C. Rich NJ Deluxe Warbeast Electric Guitar Onyx


B.C. Rich NJ Deluxe Warbeast Electric Guitar OnyxToday’s featured guitar is the B.C. Rich NJ Deluxe Warbeast Electric Guitar Onyx. Below is the complete description of the guitar.

The Warbeast NJ Deluxe electric guitar from B.C. Rich boasts an ebony fretboard and full pearl binding on the headstock, neck and body. Other deluxe features include neck-through constuction, EMG pickups and a Floyd Rose Original Tremolo. Neck-Through Construction B.C. Rich is known as one of the pioneers in neck through construction. They use it on many of their guitars, because it provides the best possible sustain, resonance, comfort and access to higher frets. Neck-through has long been considered the premium construction method for high-end guitars. This construction starts with a long piece (or pieces) of premium North American maple. That piece runs from the tip of the headstock to the strap button on the opposite end of the guitar. This means that the headstock, fingerboard, pickups and bridge all are mounted to this single sound foundation. Sonically it is a difference you can hear. The neck-through construction also allows more of the body and neck to be cut away at the neck joint, which provides comfort no bolt-on or set-neck could offer. You will find the neck through feature on all top of the line B.C. Rich models.EMG-81 (bridge position) The EMG-81 is a high output pickup designed especially for the lead guitarist. The 81 is at its best for high volume overdrive and amps with a master volume. Whether you're playing power rock and roll, or overdriving your amp, there's a razor sharp attack, and incredible sustain for brilliant soloing. If you're looking for exceptional qualities in a rock pickup, the EMG-81 is the one.EMG-85 (neck position) Although the EMG-85 has more measurable output than the 81, its frequency response and string interface are different. The 85 uses two Alnico magnet loaded coils with a wide aperture to maintain a beefy low end and a fatter top end. Because of a more natural tone, it works great as a rhythm and blues pickup because it has loads of output but isn't muddy.Flat Top Some of the B.C Rich shapes are offered with a flat top. The flat top styling gives a bold and pristine look to the edge of the instrument's shape. Usually when the flat top feature is used, B.C. Rich adds a stripe of single or multi-ply binding around the edge in a complementary color. The binding on a flat top finishes off the edge cleanly and gives a sleek and clean look to the guitar.The Rise of The Warbeast What do you get when a ruthless Warlock picks a vile Beast to bear its spawn? A Warbeast of course! The twisted minds at B.C. Rich combined the ultra-in-your-face upper and lower horns from the Beast with the more comfortable rear of a Warlock – there's a joke in there somewhere… The Warbeast however, is not joking! Ripping the heads off of lesser axes – the Warbeast is on the prowl.

You can pick up the B.C. Rich NJ Deluxe Warbeast Electric Guitar Onyx at Musician’s Friend for $799.99.

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